Being Active Outdoors

As many of you long time readers know I ran in college and ran almost every day outside. To say I miss getting my daily outdoor runs in is an understatement. BUT I do not let the fact that I can no longer (at this time) run 70 miles a week outdoors stop me from being outdoors.

That being said I do still get around 2 outdoor runs each week plus I walk my dog 2-3 times a day. The dog walks are usually 3.5 miles in the morning and 1 mile in the afternoons. I also love to go golf with my boyfriend on the weekends and we hangout by the pool where sometimes swim laps during the summer. We go hiking from time to time too since there are some nice short and long hikes around San Diego. Another thing Shane and I like to do is bike. We bike to the beach or around our island and I also bike to babysit during the daytime.

I have a few essentials for when I get outdoors that I think would be helpful for everyone.

  • Water Bottle: I love my Swell bottle in the summer because it keeps my water cold for hours! It is great for when I am outside by the pool or when I go on runs and leave it in the car. Nothing like cold water on a hot day.
  • Sunglasses: I love to read by the pool and with the bright sun I make sure I always have my sunglasses to protect my eyes. I also wear them out on walks or while biking.
  • Sweat wicking athletic apparel: With hot summer days and outdoor workouts sweat wicking cloths is super important. No one wants a heavy doggy shirt while trying to workout.
  • Headphones: I love to listen to podcasts while I walk my dog!
  • Good sneakers: I wear one pair while walking my dog and weight training and a different pair for running. I do this because different workouts have different types of needs for the feet. I have a pair of hiking sneakers too with more traction than my other shoes.
  • Sun Screen: Being honest I do not wear it while running but I do wear it while hiking, biking, and sitting by the pool or beach.

And that is how I spend my summer days! Now that the fall is coming upon us rapidly the days are a bit cooler but because I live in San Diego the sun sticks around year round. I love how easy it is to be ouside here but I know come winter we will miss the snow and those types of outdoor activities. So take advantage of whatever weather you may have and enjoy the ways you can be active in it!


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