What I Ate Wednesday #94

Hello! Happy Wednesday. How are you? I totally missed out on my favorite day of the week last week. I was just super busy with other things after the holiday. I had multiple doctors appointments last week, finally getting around to finding new doctors in Cali, and some housekeeping stuff to do after the weekend. But it was a good week!

With that said lets get back to WIAW. My favorite! I have a day for you from the weekend, Saturday, the day I ran 20 MILES! What?? My friends say I am crazy to be doing these runs with them and not running a marathon, just doing it for fun, but there is a big difference between 20 and 26.2 miles… and logistically a marathon is not in my cards right now. We have a crazy fall coming up with Shane being gone for 3 months and me having sole dog and work and apartment duty. I can’t/ do not want to manage extra travel on top of trying to see Shane a few times and the Holidays. So here we are. Food time!


Breakfast: Smoothie Bowl- the usual, kale, blueberries, banana, greek yogurt, cashew milk, pb protein powder topped with granola, coconut, and chocolate chips plus coffee and dark chocolate espresso beans. I also ended up eating a few handfuls of trail mix too. img_2107

Lunch: We went out to eat at OB Noodle House. No Picture. But We got spring rolls and summer shrimp to start (shrimp wrapped with noodles and fried!) Then for my entire I had the shrimp teriyaki and shane had a steak salad.

Snacks: We got Yogurtland with some friends as an afternoon snack! YUM. Always a win. img_2118-1

Dinner: Grill Night! BBQ chicken, shrimp, veggies (zucchini/red peppers) and peaches for dessert. We were so full after all this food we ate almost all of it.  img_2121

Dessert: Skinny Pop cocoa dusted… not great but I bought it so I ate it anyways. img_2126

So I hope you enjoyed my eats! Make sure to check out everyone else’s.


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