Weekly Workouts 9/11-9/24

Hey there. Happy weekend!

So I actually got my workout post up this week! Yay. I had some trouble remember what I did last week but I managed to figure it out. It took me a couple days but as I came back to this post I remembered a few more workouts. So lets get too it.


9/11 Sunday: Piyo Buns + doggie walks

Monday: 75 min elliptical + doggie walks

Tuesday: 60 min cardio + doggie walks

Wednesday: 75 min elliptical + upper body + doggie walks

Thursday: 45 min cardio + piyo core

Friday: HIIT 30 min + doggie walks

Saturday: None except doggie walks- late night Friday for a work party for Shane meant sleeping in, grocery store, and out to watch the Navy Tulane football game that afternoon.

9/18 Sunday: 5 mile run (40 min) + lower fix extreme + doggie walks

Monday: 30 min cardio + doggie walks

Tuesday: Piyo strength intervals + doggie walks

Wednesday: 45 min cardio + doggie walks

Thursday: 6 mile run (47 min) + doggie walks

Friday:  60 min cardio + doggie walks

Saturday: Nothing besides dog walks. I had a super busy day to begin with but I also got a cold- runny nose/sore throat from the girl I babysit for and just was exhausted and wanted to sleep. So I did.

And that was a wrap on the workouts. I meant to do some more strength workouts but didn’t get to them. Getting sick did not help and I struggled with some IBD symptoms all week so that did not help the workout front. It also contributed to a lot of aches and pains in my hips and feet etc. When you struggle with gut inflammation it usually leads to other types of inflammation. So that is my story! Hoping to get my IBD issues under control again!

Linking up with Amanda, Jill, and Ilka this week.



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