Weekly workouts 9/25-10/1

Wow. It is October already! How crazy is that? Halloween, thanksgiving, and Christmas are creeping up on us! Yikes. Well it sure does not feel like it here I’m San Diego. We had some crazy heat on the coast Sunday, Monday and Tuesday this week and then some mild HOT weather the rest of the week too. I know it technically cooled off a lot but it did not feel like it! It was a combination of Santa Ana heat and monsoon moisuture which made it hot and humid! So for a couple days there sparkys walks were cut to less than half of what they usually are!


Sunday: piyo buns + some shorter dog walks and golfing

Monday: 45 min cardio + shorter dog walks

Tuesday: 45 min cardio + piyo sculpt + shorter dog walks

Wednesday: HIIT workout on treadmill + shorter doggie walks

Thursday: 45 min cardio + shorter doggie walks

Friday: Piyo drench + doggie walks

Saturday: 60 min cardio + doggie walks

No long runs this week. With my stomach being off and having a lot of inflammation a lot of things just hurt and ached. Thats how life works for someone with an IDB start a flare up and other joints just start to ache a bit. I used to run through it in college but there isn’t really a point too now. If it doesn’t feel good do something else. So this week I did a lot of piyo yoga! The shorter dog walks were part stomach issues and part extreme heat. We both wanted to call it quits after 30 minutes of our morning walk and then I took him on a 15 ish minute afternoon walk each day too.

So that is a wrap on my week. My mom gets into town today so we have lots of fun plans! Have a great weekend!

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