What I Ate Wednesday #97

Hi there! Totally missed last week but I told y’all why on Saturday’s Workout recap. I am back this week though! The meals I pictured are still from LAST week though! So I hope you enjoy!


Breakfast: Donuts! From VG donuts in Cardiff plus a yogurt bowl with all the toppings and coffee and dark chocolate espresso beans! img_2219img_2270

Lunch: Native Foods Cafe with my mom. I got the Sesame Ginger Bowl with a side of sweet potato fries. img_2234

Snacks: Some halloween candy pieces but that was it. Breakfast was large and lunch was late.

Dinner: Beet Zoodles with roasted veggies and salmonimg_2263

Dessert: Pumpkin Whip and dark chocolate frozen yogurt! img_2302

And that was a wrap on the day! I was so happy to see the pumpkin frozen yogurt 🙂 always a favorite! I hope you had a great day of eats too and make sure to check out all the other WIAW’s.

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