Weekly Workouts 10/8-10/15

Hi there! How was your week? Happy it is Saturday?? Me too! I am not even getting this up until Saturday afternoon.

Life is BUSY. I know a lot of people are way busier but I think we can all say busy is busy. I spend all my free time playing with the dog and planning our wedding! I did take a break to bake some pumpkin donuts Thursday though 🙂 So lets take a look at my workouts! It was still a great week too because most days I will wake up early to get my workout in before life starts popping up and getting in the way.


Sunday: Upper fix extreme + doggie walks

Monday: Girls on the run practice – 3 miles total for myself. I had some time before so I ran a little bit on my own.

Tuesday: 45 min cardio + dirty 30 + doggie walks

Wednesday: 65 min cardio

Thursday: 45 min cardio + upper body weights (Biceps/Triceps)

Friday: 45 min cardio + upper body weights (Chest + Back)

Saturday: 13 mile long run 1:45 (8:04 average) –  we ran from Liberty Station to Shelter Island and around and then down part of the Embarcadero and back to Liberty Station. All in all the run did not feel too bad so I was happy about that!

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts 10/8-10/15

    1. My workouts energize my everyday! Sometimes I take days off just not weekly. I ran in college 60-70 miles a week so my body is used to a large workload and this is a lot less than I used to do. I get 8-9 hours of sleep a night too so my body feels great and energized! But everyone is different!


  1. Congrats on a great training week! This is such an impressive pace for your 13 miler! I’m sure this felt good! Have a great week and enjoy your wedding planning! 🙂 🙂


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