What I Ate Wednesday #98

Hi again! How is your week going? We are suppose to get another wave of Santa Ana heat this week here on the Coast of San Diego.

Otherwise my week has been pretty crazy. We are trying to break our lease AND trying to find a wedding venue. The first one I liked is a little pricy and the second venue was booked on our wedding date so now we have a list of just okay venues we are sorting through. Lots going on! So lets get to the eats for todays post. These are eats from yesterday! WHAT-I-ATE-WEDNESDAY-NEW-BUTTON-PEAS-AND-CRAYONS

Breakfast: Coffee, dark chocolate espresso beans, a homemade pumpkin donut, and a tj pumpkin greek yogurt with pumpkin o’s and chocolate chips on top (yogurt/coffee not pictured, I was in a rush) img_2309

Lunch: Salad out with chicken and toppings. Plus a snapple. img_2325

Dinner: brussel sprouts, squash, mahi mahi burger, avocado and salsa. img_2327

Snacks: TJs coconut cashews, pumpkin pie almonds, and some halloween candy.

Dessert: Pumpkin ice cream! With lots of toppings. Followed by a spoonful of cookie butter.img_2328

And thats a wrap! I am going to snuggle with Sparky now!

Weekly Workouts 10/8-10/15

Hi there! How was your week? Happy it is Saturday?? Me too! I am not even getting this up until Saturday afternoon.

Life is BUSY. I know a lot of people are way busier but I think we can all say busy is busy. I spend all my free time playing with the dog and planning our wedding! I did take a break to bake some pumpkin donuts Thursday though 🙂 So lets take a look at my workouts! It was still a great week too because most days I will wake up early to get my workout in before life starts popping up and getting in the way.


Sunday: Upper fix extreme + doggie walks

Monday: Girls on the run practice – 3 miles total for myself. I had some time before so I ran a little bit on my own.

Tuesday: 45 min cardio + dirty 30 + doggie walks

Wednesday: 65 min cardio

Thursday: 45 min cardio + upper body weights (Biceps/Triceps)

Friday: 45 min cardio + upper body weights (Chest + Back)

Saturday: 13 mile long run 1:45 (8:04 average) –  we ran from Liberty Station to Shelter Island and around and then down part of the Embarcadero and back to Liberty Station. All in all the run did not feel too bad so I was happy about that!

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What I Ate Wednesday #97

Hi there! Totally missed last week but I told y’all why on Saturday’s Workout recap. I am back this week though! The meals I pictured are still from LAST week though! So I hope you enjoy!


Breakfast: Donuts! From VG donuts in Cardiff plus a yogurt bowl with all the toppings and coffee and dark chocolate espresso beans! img_2219img_2270

Lunch: Native Foods Cafe with my mom. I got the Sesame Ginger Bowl with a side of sweet potato fries. img_2234

Snacks: Some halloween candy pieces but that was it. Breakfast was large and lunch was late.

Dinner: Beet Zoodles with roasted veggies and salmonimg_2263

Dessert: Pumpkin Whip and dark chocolate frozen yogurt! img_2302

And that was a wrap on the day! I was so happy to see the pumpkin frozen yogurt 🙂 always a favorite! I hope you had a great day of eats too and make sure to check out all the other WIAW’s.

Weekly Workouts 10/2-10/8

Hi there! So I missed Wednesdays post and any other ones this week but it was a busy busy week! My mom was in town all week, I had some interviews, normal work stuff, AND i got engaged last weekend and wanted to find a dress and get a date set while my mom was in town. All of that was done! YAY.

I still got my workouts in too though! It was nice to have my mom as company on the dog walks though. Also, good variety this week so that is good! Check it out below.


Sunday: Lower Fix extreme + doggie walks

Monday: 65 min cardio + doggie walks

Tuesday: 45 min cardio + upper body weights + doggie walks

Wednesday: 65 min cardio + doggie walks

Thursday: Plyo fix extreme + doggie walks

Friday: 45 min cardio + doggie walks

Saturday: 12 mile long run

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Weekly workouts 9/25-10/1

Wow. It is October already! How crazy is that? Halloween, thanksgiving, and Christmas are creeping up on us! Yikes. Well it sure does not feel like it here I’m San Diego. We had some crazy heat on the coast Sunday, Monday and Tuesday this week and then some mild HOT weather the rest of the week too. I know it technically cooled off a lot but it did not feel like it! It was a combination of Santa Ana heat and monsoon moisuture which made it hot and humid! So for a couple days there sparkys walks were cut to less than half of what they usually are!


Sunday: piyo buns + some shorter dog walks and golfing

Monday: 45 min cardio + shorter dog walks

Tuesday: 45 min cardio + piyo sculpt + shorter dog walks

Wednesday: HIIT workout on treadmill + shorter doggie walks

Thursday: 45 min cardio + shorter doggie walks

Friday: Piyo drench + doggie walks

Saturday: 60 min cardio + doggie walks

No long runs this week. With my stomach being off and having a lot of inflammation a lot of things just hurt and ached. Thats how life works for someone with an IDB start a flare up and other joints just start to ache a bit. I used to run through it in college but there isn’t really a point too now. If it doesn’t feel good do something else. So this week I did a lot of piyo yoga! The shorter dog walks were part stomach issues and part extreme heat. We both wanted to call it quits after 30 minutes of our morning walk and then I took him on a 15 ish minute afternoon walk each day too.

So that is a wrap on my week. My mom gets into town today so we have lots of fun plans! Have a great weekend!

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HIIT Routine & new workout attire

Who doesn’t love a new workout AND new workout clothes!? Not me. I love to try new workouts all the time and of course buy new workout clothes. Workout attire makes up probably 70% of my wardrobe and about 90% of what I wear on a daily basis. How about you? Adore Me has a new line of activewear starting this weekend on October 1st that includes the items pictured below.

A new HIIT workout I tried out last week, before I got sick was a sprint interval on the treadmill. I started with a 5 min jogging warm up then got into some tough intervals for 8-10 minutes before cooling down. When I am on the treadmill I like to keep my workouts really short instead of my usual longer runs outside.

HIIT Workout: 

5 min warm up

1 min sprint : increase speed by 2.0 mph from warm up speed

1 min recover : decrease by 1.8 mph

45 second sprint : increase by 2.0 mph

45 second recover : decrease by 1.8 mph

30 second sprint : increase by 2.0 mph

30 second recover : decrease by 1.8 mph

45 second sprint : increase by 2.0

45 second recover : decrease by 1.8

1 min sprint : increase by 2.0

1 min recover : decrease by 1.8

5 min cool down : decrease to wherever you are comfortable! (If you want to make this exactly 20 minutes you can add one more minute sprint at the end! depending on how you feel)

And that is a new HIIT routine I have been trying out. It is great on a Monday morning when you want a quick workout that will wake you up really fast! 🙂 And now for the new workout clothes!

Adore me is an online subscription based brand.  They started with really cute bra and panty sets but have expanded to include fitness clothing as well! Personally I love all these subscription based products available now! Adore Me has a new line starting this weekend on October 1st that includes the items pictured below. I love the pattern on the leggings myself and also love how you can order matching sets to wear together! They also have awesome Pinterest boards you should check out too!

If you are interested in trying adore me you can use this 10% discount code: GETACTIVE10


I hope you try out the HIIT workout above and look into Adore Me’s active wear line!

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What I Ate Wednesday #96

Hey there. How is your week? Mine is not too bad. I am watching a 13 year old for the week while her parents are on vacation and her schedule is CRAZY! Like ice skating practice that we need to leave the house for at 3:30 am crazy… yeah no idea how she does that week after week. So days have been long and tiring and to top it off I got a cold while babysitting a 4 year old last week and still have not been able to completely kick that yet. So I totally forgot to take a couple pictures today too. So here is what I have.


Breakfast: Coffee, dark chocolate espresso beans and my typical smoothie. Smoothie had kale, berries, greek yogurt, pb protein powder, and almond milk topped with pb granola and chocolate chips. (No photo taken)

Lunch: partially eaten TJ kung pao chicken with broccoli and cauliflower followed by 1/2 sweet potato with almond butter. Weird to mix but oh well. img_2216

Snacks: pumpkin greek yogurt with pumpkin cheerios and chocolate chips, a pumpkin nutrigrain bar and some mini candies.

Dinner: True Food Kitchen. Ancient grains bowl with miso glazed sweet potato, mushrooms, snap peas, some yummy sauce, and shrimp. img_2205

Dessert: Halo top ice cream- mint chip and chocolate! and some m&ms. img_2217

And that was a wrap on my day. All in all not bad eats. Thank goodness for that smoothie though because otherwise I didn’t eat THAT many veggies or fruits during the day. Oh well. It happens. Anyways, make sure to check out everyone else’s eats this week.

Weekly Workouts 9/11-9/24

Hey there. Happy weekend!

So I actually got my workout post up this week! Yay. I had some trouble remember what I did last week but I managed to figure it out. It took me a couple days but as I came back to this post I remembered a few more workouts. So lets get too it.


9/11 Sunday: Piyo Buns + doggie walks

Monday: 75 min elliptical + doggie walks

Tuesday: 60 min cardio + doggie walks

Wednesday: 75 min elliptical + upper body + doggie walks

Thursday: 45 min cardio + piyo core

Friday: HIIT 30 min + doggie walks

Saturday: None except doggie walks- late night Friday for a work party for Shane meant sleeping in, grocery store, and out to watch the Navy Tulane football game that afternoon.

9/18 Sunday: 5 mile run (40 min) + lower fix extreme + doggie walks

Monday: 30 min cardio + doggie walks

Tuesday: Piyo strength intervals + doggie walks

Wednesday: 45 min cardio + doggie walks

Thursday: 6 mile run (47 min) + doggie walks

Friday:  60 min cardio + doggie walks

Saturday: Nothing besides dog walks. I had a super busy day to begin with but I also got a cold- runny nose/sore throat from the girl I babysit for and just was exhausted and wanted to sleep. So I did.

And that was a wrap on the workouts. I meant to do some more strength workouts but didn’t get to them. Getting sick did not help and I struggled with some IBD symptoms all week so that did not help the workout front. It also contributed to a lot of aches and pains in my hips and feet etc. When you struggle with gut inflammation it usually leads to other types of inflammation. So that is my story! Hoping to get my IBD issues under control again!

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What I Ate Wednesday #95

Hi there. How are you today?

I totally missed my weekly workout recap over the weekend but I will put two weeks into one this Saturday! I did remember to capture some good food pictures though so that is what I have for you today. It has actually been raining ALL day here (yesterday-Tuesday) in San Diego. So unusual but a nice change of pace. So lets get to the food while I am curled up on the couch watching TV with the doggie on Tuesday night.


Breakfast: Yogurt bowl with protein powder, almond milk, strawberries, and cereal on top. Plus coffee with collagen, dark chocolate espresso beans, and some plantains with peanut butter. IMG_1614

Lunch: Salmon poke bowl at Teri Cafe in Oceanside, CA. So Yummy! img_2188

Snacks: WAY too much trail mix. Simple Cashews, peanuts, chocolate chips and pb chips.

Dinner: Big Salad with tomatoes, crispy things, and a big piece of tuna! img_2180

Dessert: Nothing bundt cake! I picked up one for Shane and one for me this week. I got the chocolate chocolate chip and Shane the pineapple upside-down cake. SO GOOD. But I cannot wait for the Pumpkin Spice flavor next month! img_2169

And that is a wrap! I had a good day of eats and got some good veggies in. Tonight we are off to see the Broadway- The Lion King here in San Diego! I cannot wait. So have a great day!

What I Ate Wednesday #94

Hello! Happy Wednesday. How are you? I totally missed out on my favorite day of the week last week. I was just super busy with other things after the holiday. I had multiple doctors appointments last week, finally getting around to finding new doctors in Cali, and some housekeeping stuff to do after the weekend. But it was a good week!

With that said lets get back to WIAW. My favorite! I have a day for you from the weekend, Saturday, the day I ran 20 MILES! What?? My friends say I am crazy to be doing these runs with them and not running a marathon, just doing it for fun, but there is a big difference between 20 and 26.2 miles… and logistically a marathon is not in my cards right now. We have a crazy fall coming up with Shane being gone for 3 months and me having sole dog and work and apartment duty. I can’t/ do not want to manage extra travel on top of trying to see Shane a few times and the Holidays. So here we are. Food time!


Breakfast: Smoothie Bowl- the usual, kale, blueberries, banana, greek yogurt, cashew milk, pb protein powder topped with granola, coconut, and chocolate chips plus coffee and dark chocolate espresso beans. I also ended up eating a few handfuls of trail mix too. img_2107

Lunch: We went out to eat at OB Noodle House. No Picture. But We got spring rolls and summer shrimp to start (shrimp wrapped with noodles and fried!) Then for my entire I had the shrimp teriyaki and shane had a steak salad.

Snacks: We got Yogurtland with some friends as an afternoon snack! YUM. Always a win. img_2118-1

Dinner: Grill Night! BBQ chicken, shrimp, veggies (zucchini/red peppers) and peaches for dessert. We were so full after all this food we ate almost all of it.  img_2121

Dessert: Skinny Pop cocoa dusted… not great but I bought it so I ate it anyways. img_2126

So I hope you enjoyed my eats! Make sure to check out everyone else’s.