Spill it Sunday #6

Hello everyone! Hope you have had an awesome weekend!I am here to link up with Arman for another week of Spill it Sunday blogger edition with some great questions from Sara at Slices of Sara Pie! Hope you like my answers!

The Big Man's World

1. What is your middle name? If you don’t have one do you wish you did? What would it be? My middle name is Scott, after my father and after his grandmother, who is after a General Scott that has a status in Washington, D.C. I hated having a boys name as a middle name growing up but now I don’t mind.

2. When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up? What didn’t I want to be! A lawyer, a doctor, an accountant a princess 🙂
3. What do you keep in the glove box of your car? Hmmm. All those books/paperwork everyone should keep (manual, insurance, etc.) plus I have a mini blender bottle with an individual packet of protein powder, and a gps. Then in the middle console of my car I have a boy of bars, napkins, silverware, pens, sunglass case, phone charger, aux cord… maybe some other random stuff?
4. Name one food that always seems to go bad before you eat it? At school it is usually milk… even soy milk. I don’t drink plain milk only a splash in my coffee and some in overnight oats usually so I never finish it off when I buy half gallons.
5. What was the last workout you did? I cross trained on the elliptical today then did legs and then walked for 30 min. I wish it was running though!
6. When was the last time you got the giggles in an inappropriate moment? What did you do? When I saw that the bounce house blew away. Sorry, it is not funny that two kids were seriously hurt but the fact that there was a bounce hour like 50 feet up in the air! Crazzyy.
7. If you had to pick one song to play continuously in the background of your everyday life what would you pick? Hmmm, y’all know I’m shakira obsessed. I won’t say my go to of Waka, Waka, but switch it up and go for Can’t Remember to Forget You. It is so good!
8. What would you do if you got 25 hours in a day while everyone else was still stuck with 24? I would probably bake something 🙂 I always seem to run out of time to do that! or maybe get a massage if money wasn’t a factor.
9. Pick a great picture of you/your family/your friends, tell us the background story of what’s happening in it.


This was actually a hard picture to choose! But I picked a picture from Summer of 07? maybe. I’m actually not entirely sure what year it was. It was the last family trip my dad’s side took together. My grandparents used to rent big houses every other summer for two week vacations. We did SC, NC, Whales, Italy, and Lake Tahoe CA. The adults did a lot more before my cousins and I were allowed to go too. This is also the last summer I spent a large amount of time with my uncle because a couple years later he passed away at the age of 53. Now my grandfather is not doing well and on his last strings. Ultimately those are the reasons I choose that picture.

10. Whats your favorite quote/song/image when you need a little inspiration?

Steve Prefontaine USA


I truly believe that! Have a great Sunday!


3 thoughts on “Spill it Sunday #6

  1. baking! that’s such a good one. i agree with you on never having enough time to bake. i usually end up staying up late to finish cooking/baking.


  2. I’m sorry to hear about your uncle and grandfather, but that is a great picture of your family. I think your middle name is pretty cool and definitely makes you unique 🙂


  3. Naw, sorry to hear the sadness regarding the picture but damn it is a great one- and what fantastic memories and adventures then.

    OH Geebuz, I would have been laughing like an idiot too over that….are we bad people? Nahhhh!


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