Weekly Workouts #35

Hello, from the beach! It is so so nice to finally be able to relax. It was a rough week and when I finally scheduled to pamper myself after all my tests everything seemed to fall through! Thursday was not such a great day 😦 I drove all the way to Meterie for my massage (20 min each way) and apparently they hadn’t scheduled me and the masseuse was in with someone else, safe to say I was very angry! Then when I tried to call… 3 times, no one answered the phone.

Well, nothing I can do about it now… but enjoy the beach with my mom. 🙂 The drive yesterday wasn’t bad at all and I got here in time to head to the beach for an hour before heading to a wine festival for the evening. I got in free since I wasn’t drinking and was still able to enjoy some free food (sushi!!! and get a cute tote bag) and wander around before a late dinner in the same area. It was a lot of fun in a private community with a ton of shops and restaurants here in Destin, Fl.

Now, Lets recap how things looked last week… not great, but there’s not really much I can do about it. My leg is still really bothering me so I did mostly cross training and the alter g.


Sunday: 7.62 mi alter g run (50 min), weight training

Monday: 75 min elliptical, core work

Tuesday: weight training, 75 min elliptical

Wednesday: 8.5 mi alter g run (56 min), core work

Thursday: 4.5 mi run (31 min), 75 min elliptical

Friday: core work, 75 min elliptical, 20 min walk on the beach

Saturday: 75 min elliptical- a weird one, 45 min walk on the beach, first ever Lesmills Body pump class… it was hard! I’m not used to doing song tracks for weight lifting.

Total Milage: 20.62 miles, 5 x cross training, 3 x core work, 3 x weight lifting

All in all, not much running for me, but sometimes a break is nice and I just want to relax and do what feels good while at the beach! So I hope y’all have a good weekend! I’ll be back for Spill It Sundays tomorrow!!!


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