What I Ate Wednesday #71

Hey there! So I missed the last two days and I am getting this typed up pretty late too! I had plans to call it an early night but forgot about WIAW and a long list of other things I need/want to do before I leave! Ahhhh. I feel so behind.

I am on my way to New Orleans or in NOLA by the time you are reading this! CRAZY. Lots of plans and a busy week ahead of me! So lets cut to the chase and look at what I ate yesterday.


Pre gym: trail mix & coffee – wasn’t too hungry this morning so I just threw together a small snack bag of trail mix (with chocolate espresso beans, of course) and headed out the door.

Post Gym: 1/2 detour bar & another coffee (Free coffee all month at Panera!) – I had a chiro appt so I wanted to eat something since I went to Bodypump and I still had 1/2 of this in my bag.


Breakfast: BIG banana/blueberry PB smoothie (that is pb2 on top, plus I added some granola halfway through) with Kale and plantains with chocolate coconut cashew butter


Lunch: Baked Sweet Potato with almond butter, granola, chocolate chips. Lots of trail mix. Lots of blueberries. Some of the Salad I made for the family I nanny for dinner. Yes all super random but my breakfast was late because of my chiro appt and then I had work and was driving the kids all the way across town and then I had to make them dinner soooo it happens!

 Dinner: Stir fry with Sea Bass and avocado.


Dessert:  Yasso Salted Caramel Greek Yogurt bar broken up on top of two Georgetown cupcake halves (salted caramel and chocolate fudge)


Sooooo basically my eats, in my eyes, yesterday were AWESOME! Haha. So I am glad a got them up 🙂 I hope you enjoyed checking them out too.

I have one more picture to share with you. Incase you wanted to laugh at me- I had a pinterest cake fail this weekend. I wanted to make Shane a Banana Pudding Poke Cake. Butttt I didn’t want to just make a sheet style cake; I decided to make a two layer circle cake but unfortunately it didn’t turn out as great as planned. I also tried to ‘frost’ it with the cool whip and that didn’t work either. Thankfully Shane still thought it tasted awesome and ate it.


Here is what I tried to make.

Have a great Wednesday!


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